Why you should get involved with your local teaching association

I started this post months ago and, given that I’m currently off work preparing for a minor little hospital procedure, I thought I might as well finish it! It’s also the kind of blog post that really belongs on my old blog, Berlingo, since it’s directed more at teachers, but since I finished my teaching blog with a farewell post, I’m posting this here instead!

I recently attended two out of the five days of the IATEFL Annual Conference, where I learnt that there are over 100 IATEFL affiliate organisations around the world. On a recent reminisce about my time in Berlin (as it was around this time last year I finished my CELTA and started teaching) I ended up thinking about ELTABB, the IATEFL Associate organisation in Berlin, and reflecting on all the opportunities I got out of that. I thought that listing them here might encourage more teachers to get involved with their equivalent of ELTABB, to really enrich their teaching experience and develop themselves professionally.

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